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ECDL Advanced

The ECDL Advanced certification is aimed at power users and comprises 4 modules, each with a certificate.

The ECDL Advanced levels  enable you to hone and prove your expert skills in the office applications. You get a dedicated certificate for passing each module. If you manage to pass all of the advanced modules, you are awared the ECDL Advanced Expert certificate. The four Advanced modules build upon previous modules in greater depth:

  • Advanced Word Processing

  • Advanced Spreadsheets

  • Advanced Database

  • Advanced Presentation

The examination is limited to 45 minutes per module and is based on the current versions of the ECDL Advanced syllabi, which can be found here: ECDL Downloads.

Certible is accredited by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) as authorised ECDL Test Centre.


ECDL Standard level skills in the module you want to take.

How long is my ECDL certificate valid?

Your ECDL certificate does not expire.