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ECDL Standard

The ECDL Standard certificate comprises in total 7 modules, and builds with additional 3 on the 4 Base modules.

The ECDL Standard level certification requires you to have already accomplished the ECDL Base certification. Additionally to the 4 Base modules, the Standard level offers 5 modules out of which you select 3 modules to focus on areas of your digital proficiency. The topics covered by the Standard modules are:

  • Presentation

  • Using Databases

  • IT-Security

  • Online Collaboration

  • Image Editing

The examination has a time frame of 45 minutes per module and is based on the current version of the ECDL Standard syllabus, which can be found here: ECDL Downloads.



How long is my ECDL certificate valid?

Your ECDL certificate does not expire.