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OCG Typing Certificate (OTC)

The OCG Typing Certificate (OTC) is an international Standard set by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG)

The OCG Typing Certificate evaluates your typing speed and accuracy in an automated touch typing test that proves and certifies your keyboard writing skills. To pass the test, you must copy a 10-minute text with less than one error per 200 signs (i.e. a max. error rate of 0.49%) and reach one of the following levels:

  • Standard: 1.000 characters in 10 minutes

  • Professional: 2.000 characters in 10 minutes

  • Expert: 3.000 characters in 10 minutes

With the evaluation being fully automatic, you receive your result immediately. The certificate shows the number of typed characters and the accuracy.

The OTC test is avaiable in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Albanian, and more on demand. Conditions are equal for all candidates and do not differ by age or previous education.

Please feel free to bring along your own preferred keyboard of choice!