Certible Exam Terms and Conditions

Exam Conditions

Certible online-proctored remote exams are subject to the following requirements, terms and conditions:

  1. Exam regulations (defined by the issuing board)

  2. Certibles general certification conditions

  3. The Certible-Candidate privacy policy

and, for remote-proctored online exams, additionally:

  1. Certibles technical requirements for remote exams

  2. Certible additional exam regulations for online exams

1. Exam Regulations


2. Certibles general certification conditions

Available here:

3. Certible-Candidate Privacy Policy

4. Additional Exam Regulations: Online-Proctored Remote Exams

Privacy and data protection with Certible remote exams

At Certible we are of the firm belief that remote exams are possible without compromising privacy or data protection. We go far beyond mere GDPR compliance in our respect for your privacy:

  • ID verification is exclusively performed live - we do not save any copies of candidates’ identity documents.

  • Exam supervision is also entirely live with no recordings saved, unless explicitly required otherwise by the certification board.

  • The entire exam and all data are hosted and transmitted within the EU. Exam supervision is only performed by Certible’s (permanently) employed invigilators (located within the EU), we do not use outsourcing or freelancers.

  • All data is collected and processed exclusively by Certible, we do not pass candidate / exam data to third parties.

5. Technical Requirements for Certible Remote Exams