Splitting of IREB Advanced Level modules into two certification levels

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From 1 July 2022 the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB)’s advanced level modules will be split into two levels each: a CPRE Advanced Level Practitioner certificate, obtained by passing the theoretical (multiple-choice) exam, and the CPRE Advanced Level Specialist certificate, which can subsequently be obtained by completing the written assignment. The contents of the Advanced Level syllabi, which respectively define the content of the examination and practical assignment, remain unchanged.

The procedure of the two certifications also remains largely the same as the previous certification scheme, the only difference being that the twelve-month period given to candidates to complete both assessment parts will no longer apply.

There is a further change with the written assignment; this will be available to download from the IREB website from 1st July 2022. Candidates will then be able to gain an impression of the assignment without needing to register.

Candidates affected by the switch

Any candidates who have already registered for an advanced level certification and passed the theoretical (multiple-choice) examination by 1 July 2022 will have the option to switch to the new scheme.

Candidates who have passed the theoretical (multiple-choice) examination would thereby be awarded Practitioner certification, regardless of whether they have passed the written assignment. This also applies if the 12 month period for completion of both examination parts has elapsed.

Candidates who have additionally already passed the written assignment and been awarded certification can also request to switch to the new certification scheme, whereupon both Practitioner and Specialist certificates would be awarded - which, together, are equivalent to the previous CPRE Advanced Level certificate.

Prerequisites for the new certifications

The CPRE Foundation Level certificate is a prerequisite to admission to any of the Advanced Level Practitioner examinations.

The CPRE Advanced Level Practitioner certification in the specific module is a prerequisite for the Advanced Level Specialist certifications.

More information

More information on the splitting of the CPRE Advanced Levels can be found in IREB’s FAQ section