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Below you will find the dates for publicly held examinations at our office locations.
To sit the exam in any other city worldwide, please schedule your exam at a Prometric testcenter.

Exam and Certificate Details

In order to take an Advanced Level exam, you need to prove that you are in possession of the respective Foundation Level certificate. Please give some details for verification:

Select Examination

Please select where and when you would like to take the exam:

16th October 2018 (Tue)17:00Wien
19th October 2018 (Fri)11:00Wien
22nd October 2018 (Mon)17:00Wien
23rd October 2018 (Tue)10:30Stuttgart
24th October 2018 (Wed)13:00Wien
25th October 2018 (Thu)12:00Wien
25th October 2018 (Thu)16:00Nuremberg
29th October 2018 (Mon)10:00Wien
31st October 2018 (Wed)14:00Wien
5th November 2018 (Mon)15:00Salzburg
6th November 2018 (Tue)09:00Wien
8th November 2018 (Thu)09:00Wien
9th November 2018 (Fri)16:00Wien
12th November 2018 (Mon)16:00Wien
13th November 2018 (Tue)10:30Stuttgart
13th November 2018 (Tue)14:00Zürich
13th November 2018 (Tue)16:00Düsseldorf
15th November 2018 (Thu)10:00Wien
16th November 2018 (Fri)09:00Wien
17th November 2018 (Sat)10:00Wien
19th November 2018 (Mon)16:00Wien
20th November 2018 (Tue)09:00Wien
23rd November 2018 (Fri)10:00Wien
26th November 2018 (Mon)17:00Wien
27th November 2018 (Tue)10:00Wien
29th November 2018 (Thu)12:00Wien
3rd December 2018 (Mon)15:00Wien
4th December 2018 (Tue)10:00Wien
6th December 2018 (Thu)15:00Wien
10th December 2018 (Mon)09:00Wien
10th December 2018 (Mon)15:00Salzburg
11th December 2018 (Tue)10:30Stuttgart
11th December 2018 (Tue)16:00Düsseldorf
12th December 2018 (Wed)16:00Wien
14th December 2018 (Fri)09:00Wien
15th December 2018 (Sat)10:00Wien
17th December 2018 (Mon)16:00Wien
19th December 2018 (Wed)17:00Wien
21st December 2018 (Fri)09:00Wien
31st December 2018 (Mon)14:00Wien

Personal Details

Please share some personal details with us:


Complete Registration

The registration is complete and valid if and only if the examination fee of [javascript disabled: please calculate yourself]€ has been fully transferred to following account

Account holderCertible OG

The data given by you is used by Certible solely for the following reasons and will be deleted in the time stated below:

Attribute: Title (optional), Mr/Mrs, Firstname, Lastname, Address, City, ZIP and Country
Purpose/Usage: We need this information to address you properly, that our invigilator (“examination supervisor”) knows who to expect at the time of the exam, and so that we know who to issue the invoice to.
Time of deletion: If your exam is prepaid and no invoice is issued, we will delete this information within one week after your scheduled exam. If we issue an invoice, we are required by law to keep this information for 7 years, and will thus delete it after 7 years.

Attribute: Company and VAT ID (both optional)
Purpose/Usage: If you want us to create a company invoice, we need this information to create a proper invoice; the VAT ID is needed to issue a reverse charge invoice, and unless your company resides in Austria, you will most probably want to supply that information to avoid paying for VAT twice. Please do not supply this information if you do not need us to issue a company invoice.
Time of deletion: See above, after 7 years.

Attribute: Email
Purpose/Usage: We require this email address to send the registration confirmation, payment confirmation, requests for proof of exam requirements (i.e. foundation level certificate for advanced level certifications) and sending the invoice to you. In extremely rare cases, we require the email address to notify you about any changes (e.g. time or location of the exam).
Time of deletion: If your exam is prepaid, we will delete this email address one week after the scheduled exam date. If we issued an invoice, we will delete this email address one week after we received your payment or one week after your scheduled exam date, whichever comes later.

Attribute: Phone
Purpose/Usage: Our invigilator might need to contact you shortly before the exam; e.g. if the exam takes place at another address or in another room, or if you don’t show up at the scheduled beginning of the exam and we need to decide whether to wait for you or not. To be able to reach you is very important, thus this field is mandatory. If you really don’t want us to be able to reach you by phone, please just fill in a “0”, please do not supply a random phone number that might belong to someone else.
Time of deletion: The phone number is deleted within one week after the scheduled exam date.

We do not use your information for any other purpose than stated above. For further details, please consult our Privacy Policy

  • Your data is securely transferred to Certible via SSL/TLS
  • All personal data is stored using 4096-bit RSA encryption

Thank you for completing the first step!

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To complete the process, please pay the amount of using to following account

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Account holder Certible OG


IBAN AT832011182114494100

Payment reference

You will receive a booking confirmation via email as soon as the payment has been processed.

Registration successful!