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Below you will find the dates for publicly held examinations at our office locations.
To sit the exam in any other city worldwide, please schedule your exam at a Prometric testcenter.

We are terribly sorry, but registration only works with JavaScript enabled. As we have full understanding for cautious users such as yourself, please feel free to submit your registration via email to

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In order to take an Advanced Level exam, you need to prove that you are in possession of the respective Foundation Level certificate. Please give some details for verification:

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22nd November 2017 (Wed)16:00Vienna
28th November 2017 (Tue)16:00Vienna
5th December 2017 (Tue)11:00Stuttgart
5th December 2017 (Tue)16:00Vienna
7th December 2017 (Thu)17:00Vienna
11th December 2017 (Mon)15:00Salzburg
13th December 2017 (Wed)16:00Vienna
13th December 2017 (Wed)16:00Düsseldorf
18th December 2017 (Mon)16:00Vienna
21st December 2017 (Thu)17:00Vienna
17th January 2018 (Wed)16:00Düsseldorf
14th February 2018 (Wed)16:00Düsseldorf

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Account holderCertible OG

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IBAN AT832011182114494100

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