Conditions of Certification

Use of Certificates, Logos, Symbols

Certificates issued by Certible to certified persons are provided for the purpose of demonstrating the holder’s certified status. Certificates remain the property of Certible and must be returned or destroyed by the holder on Certible’s request. The use of certificates or logos must not bring Certible or the issuing scheme owner into disrepute, or be deceitful. In the case of misuse of certificates, logos, etc. Certible reserves the right to withdraw the certification.

Certificates are only permitted to be used in the above-mentioned context. Modifying or defacing of certificates is a breach of copyright and exam regulations and can result in withdrawal of certification.

Suspension and Withdrawal of Certification

Certible may, at its discretion, suspend, withdraw or reduce the scope of certification. Reasons for suspension or withdrawal include, but are not limited to:

  • Plagiarism

  • Breach of copyright

  • Other breaches of exam regulations

  • Submission of false information (e.g regarding experience, prerequisites) to obtain certification

  • Non-payment of certification fees

  • Misuse of trademarks, logos, certificates or other intellectual property belonging to Certible or its partners

Procedure: Suspension & Withdrawal of Certificates

Upon a change in certification status (awarding, suspension, reinstatement or withdrawal) Certible will immediately notify the affected candidate of the matter and the reasons for the decision.

Candidates have the right to appeal this change within four weeks.

If, during the suspension period, the holder provides evidence that the suspension was unjust, Certible will, at its discretion, reinstate the certification. If no such evidence has been presented, the certification will be withdrawn permanently, at which point the candidate will be required to return or destroy their certificate.

Restrictions on suspended or withdrawn certifications

Suspended or withdrawn certifications are not valid – holders are not permitted to use the certification. Use of a certification (as prohibited in case of suspension or withdrawal) includes but is not limited to:

  • Claiming to be certified (e.g. on CV, in applications, offers, bids, online including social media)

  • Promoting of or with the certification

  • Conducting training courses, in cases where the withdrawn certificate is a prerequisite to offer training

  • Higher-level certifications for which the suspended / withdrawn certification is a prerequisite.

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Certificate validation

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