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Exam Procedures

Procedure of the CPRE FL Exam

The exam regulations for CPRE Foundation Level define the process of the exam including assignment of points for evaluation of the final score. The exam consists of 45 multiple choice questions. You have 75 minutes to answer these questions. Depending on the difficulty, each question yields 1 to 3 points. The achievable points are given in the header of the question. To pass the exam you have to score at least 70 percent of the points. During the exam the use of aids is not allowed.

Download exam regulations CPRE FL

Procedure of the CPRE AL Exam

The exam regulations for CPRE Advanced Level define two parts of the exam:

  • a multiple choice test, which has to be passed before the second part of the exam
  • a practical work as a requirements engineer and a paper describing the practical work

Procedure of the Certified Tester Exam

Download exam regulations CPRE AL

Examination Fees

Please refer to Examination Fees for information about pricing.