Exam Support

Before or After an Exam

Please feel free to contact us regarding any part of the certification process at support@certible.com.
We will get back to you in a timely manner.

Special needs

We are more than happy to make accommodations for candidates with special requirements, such as offering barrier-free physical access to our exam locations or making adjustments to cater to the visually impaired. Please inform us of any such requirements in advance.

Extension of the duration of examinations

Some certifications permit an extension of the duration of the examination for disadvantaged candidates. For exact details on whether this is possible for a particular certification, for what reasons and what extension is available, please consult the applicable exam regulations or contact us to enquire.

In general (depending on the certification, exceptions apply) a 25% extension of the exam duration is possible, for candidates whose native language is not the exam language, and for other reasons on request. On request (please contact support in advance) and depending on the examination regulations, a greater extension of the available time may be possible.

Complaint handling process

Being open to customer feedback and complaints is very important to us. General complaints can be submitted to support@certible.com Alternatively you can provide general, anonymous feedback via our feedback-form (linked in the results email).

A complaint can be submitted by a candidate and criticise the actions of the certification body or its employees. A Certible employee can also submit a complaint against a candidate. A third party can also submit a complaint against Certible or against a certified person.

On receipt of a complaint Certible will confirm whether the complaint relates to the certification activities and, if so, process the complaint.

Certible commits itself to a fair, equal and, above all, confidential handling of received complaints, and will formally inform the complainant of the result of the complaint – or, in the case of a lengthier complaint process, will provide the complainant with progress reports.

Complaints have the management’s utmost attention and will be processed in coordination with the management board to take corrective actions. If an employee is concerned in the complaint Ceritble will ensure that this employee is not involved in the processing of this complaint.

Request for result insight

Please note that you receive a results overview via email after your exam. However, you can also request a detailed insight. The exact rules regarding this depend on the exam regulations, but inspections are usually limited to 45 minutes and have to take place at an in-person appointment at our office. Some certification programs also allow inspections online.

During an inspection you are informed which answer(s) you selected for each question, and how many points were awarded. In some cases (depending on the respective exam regulations) it is also possible to see which answer(s) would have been correct. Taking notes is not permitted.

A service fee is required, which can be found here: Certification Fees

To request your insight please register by email

Appeal handling process

You have taken an exam with us and want to appeal against the certification result. In this case we request a written submission of the appeal to support@certible.com within the applicable appeals period, which depends on the certification in question and reason for appeal:

CertificationAppeals period (after notification of result)
UXQB CPUX2 weeks
iSAQB CPSA Advanced Level (written assignment)1 month
ISTQB Certified TesterAppeal against termination of exam or the proctor’s actions: 1 week Appeal on any other grounds: 1 month
ISTQB Certified Tester1 month
All other certifications2 months

Certible will confirm receipt of the appeal and process it, according to the applicable exam regulations, within one month (two weeks for UXQB exams). If the appeal concerns practical examination elements that are assessed by examiners selected by IREB or the UXQB, we will process the matter upon receipt of the appeal fee in coordination with the applicable scheme owner and take suitable corrective measures.

We commit ourselves to a constructive and impartial handling of the appeal and will notify you of the outcome as soon as possible. Submission of an appeal does not lead to penalisation.

Certible is committed to handling appeals fairly, equally and above all, strictly confidentially, and will formally notify the submitter of the outcome of the appeal.