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Before or After an Exam

Please feel free to contact us regarding any part of the certification process at support@certible.com.
We will get back to you in a timely manner.

Special needs

In case you require any special needs, e.g. in location accessibility, time (in case your native language does not equal the exam language), or otherwise, please let us know in advance. We are happy and content to provide you a satisfying solution.

Complaint handling process

At any time we are at your disposal for feedback or complaints, such as registration process, payment/billing options, or any other inquiry. Please note that after having completed your exam you have the additional option for anonymous feedback via a webform sent with the results email.

Request for result insight

Please note that you receive a results overview via email after your exam. However, you can also request a detailed insight. Depending on your availability we arrange time and location for a result insight according to each exam procedure. Please understand that we are only permittted to offer insights if the passing-rate could not be achieved. The available time for an insight is limited to 45 minutes, in which taking notes is not allowed. A service fee is required, which can be found here: Examination Fees

Appeal handling process

If you have taken an exam with us and want to file an appeal against the result, we proceed promptly in accordance to the exam procedures. If the appeal refers to the evaluation of open-ended questions, we will need to forward it to the scheme owner to take care of it.