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Procedure of the CPRE Foundation Level Exam and RE@Agile Primer

The exam regulations for the CPRE FL define the process of the exam including the assignment of points for evaluation of the final score.

  • The CPRE FL exam consists of 45 multiple choice questions. You have 75 minutes for answering them.
  • The RE@Agile Primer exam consists of 22 multiple choice questions. You have 40 minutes for answering them

Depending on the difficulty, each question yields 1 to 3 points. The achievable points are given in the header of the question. To pass the exam you have to score at least 70 percent of the points. During the exam it is not allowed to use aids, nor to take breaks outisde the exam room.

The joint exam regulations of the CPRE FL and RE@Agile Primer can be found here:

Download exam regulations CPRE FL AP.pdf

Procedure of the CPRE Advanced Level Exam

The exam regulations for CPRE AL define the two parts of the exam:

  1. a multiple choice test, which has to be passed before the second part of the exam
  2. a practical work as a requirements engineer and a paper describing the practical work

Download exam regulations CPRE AL.pdf

Procedure of the CPRE Expert Level Exam

The exam regulations for the CPRE EL define the three parts of the exam:

  1. Written application: shall demonstrate that the candidate fulfils the prerequisites
  2. Written assignment: shall demonstrate that the applicant has in-depth knowledge in  Requirements Engineering
  3. Oral examination: is a face-to-face meeting or a video conference at a dedicated place, takes 90 minutes, and comprises three parts of equal length:
    1. Case (30 minutes after 2 hours of preparation). The candidate has to make suggestions and share thoughts on a given case.
    2. Questions on Requirements Engineering in the context of the candidate’s projects (30 minutes).
    3. General questions on Requirements Engineering (30 minutes).

Download exam regulations CPRE EL.pdf


Procedure of the Certified Tester Exam

You can find the exam procedures and regulations directly in the according website sections of the ISTQB:


Procedure of the CPSA Foundation Level Exam

The regulations for the CPSA-F exam define the process and assignment of points for evaluation. The  CPSA-F examination consists of a multiple-choice test with approximately 60 questions (depending on which randomized questions are drawn). You have 75 minutes to answer the questions and are awarded points for every correct answer. In order to pass the exam you have to score at least 60 percent of the examination’s maximum possible points. During the exam the use of aids is not allowed.

Further information is available in the ISAQB FAQ section


Procedure of the CPUX Foundation Level Exam

The process for the CPUX Foundation Level exam and its evaluation are defined as follows: The exam always contains 40 multiple choice questions with 6 choices and a varying number of correct answers. You have 75 minutes to answer these questions. To pass the exam you have to score at least 70 percent, which equates to 28 points of 40 possible points. Each question scores 1 point if all correct answers are chosen. Depending on the number of correct answers per question, each correct choice represents an equal part of that point, which add up to one point but are also substracted if wrong. Though the total score of one question can never be negative. During the exam the use of aids, such as electronic devices or textbooks, is not allowed.

Procedures of the CPUX Advanced Level Exams

The exam regulations for CPUX Advanced Levels define two parts of the exam:

  1. a theroretical examination with a duration of 90 minutes. In the CPUX-UR certification this needs to be passed before the practical test, while in the CPUX-UT certification it can also be taken afterwards.
  2. a practical examination of varying duration depending on type of setting and certification, which needs to be passed within a timeframe of 3 months.

In order to pass the exam, candidates must score at least 70 percent of both the theoretical and practical examination parts. To be accredited as a CPUX trainer a score of at least 80 percent is required in each.  For detailed information see also: