Impartiality Statement

Certible’s top-level management is committed to acting neutrally and impartially in all activities undertaken.

All of Certible’s processes and procedures are designed to identify and eliminate potential prejudice, bias or conflict of interest and ensure objectivity throughout the certification process. All Certible employees are thoroughly trained on this important topic.

Certible conducts risk assessments regularly as well as on an ad-hoc basis to identify, analyse and minimise any potential threat to objectivity and ensure absolute fairness and objectivity in the administration, processing and scoring of certification exams.

Managing Conflict of Interest

Certible is aware of the potential for conflicts of interest in the certification process. Our risk management procedure therefore includes actively identifying potential threats to impartiality or conflicts of interest.

Potential threats to impartiality or objectivity are constantly identified, documented, analysed and minimised.


At Certible we ensure objectivity by having exams automatically marked, as far as possible. Certible’s automated scoring mechanism has been built and thoroughly tested for precision, consistency and impartiality.

Where exams or written assignments cannot be automatically evaluated, an examiner is selected in accordance with a clearly defined process which varies between examination boards.

Accessibility / Special Needs Accommodation

Certible is committed to ensuring its certification services are available and accessible to all candidates, regardless of any disability or special requirement. This includes, for example, adjusting our examination software to cater to a visual impairment, or providing barrier-free physical access.

Find more information about special accomodations on our exam support page.