Frequently Asked Questions

Planning Your Exam

What platform or service does Certible use for remote exams?

We have developed our own software for the delivery of remote exams, and this service is provided by the Certible team.

Performing all aspects of certification ourselves rather than outsourcing our service to third parties allows us to provide a higher-quality service in numerous ways:

  • Flexibility: as we are not reliant on the availability of an external provider, we are able to offer appointments with the utmost flexibility. This includes short-term bookings, appointment changes and groups of any size.

  • Privacy and data protection: we are able to ensure that no third parties receive candidate data. Exam sessions are exclusively supervised by Certible employees, who all speak English and German.

  • Customizability: whether a candidate has special requirements due to disability, or a program wants to implement new types of test – we have the capability to make adjustments to our exam platform as needed.

Where are certification exams available?

Certible is currently able to offer most certifications online.

You can take your exam at a time convenient to you, from home or at work using your own computer.

Find out more about remote exams.

When can I take my certification exam?

We are totally flexible and want to offer everyone a free choice of appointment for online exams, whether individuals or groups. Within our operating hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 - 16:30) you can choose any time that suits you. Existing appointments can also be postponed or cancelled free of charge.

Can I change, postpone or cancel my exam appointment?

Yes. Changes or cancellations to appointments are unlimited and always free of charge.

After registration you will receive a link to our self-service portal, where you can manage your exam appointment.

Preparing for your exam

How can I find a training course?

The best way to prepare for a certification is to attend a training course, ideally offered by a training provider accredited by the respective exam board.

We have collated all official lists of training providers on our trainings page.

Can you recommend any literature to help prepare for certification?

Regardless of whether you choose to attend a training course, it is also recommended to consult any and all official documents provided by the respective certification board. Details of these, as well as any officially-recommended books, can be found on our self-study page.

What score do I need to pass the exam?

Pass marks can also be found on our exam procedures page and on the pages of each certificate, accessible from the menu at the top of this page.

Please consult the applicable exam regulations, available directly from the relevant exam board, for all current exam rules.

Can I request extra time?

Most certification exams offered by Certible have the possibility to request extra time, for example if you are not taking the exam in your native language. Exceptions apply; please see the applicable exam regulations. To request extra time for any reason other than language please contact us in advance of your exam.

You can request the extra time during registration by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

How long does my exam last?

You can find the details on all exams, including the format and duration of each exam and the pass mark, on our exam procedures page. You can also find details by selecting your exam from the Certificates menu at the top of the page.

Please consult the applicable exam regulations, available directly from the relevant exam board, for all current exam rules.

Technical requirements for remote exams

What are the technical requirements for remote exams?

  • An undisturbed workplace

  • Computer with high-speed internet, webcam and microphone

  • One of our supported web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

Do I need to install anything?

Remote exams with Certible do not require any particular software.

If you already have a current version of one of our supported browsers, no further installation is necessary.

How can I ensure my system is compatible with the remote exam platform?

After registration you will receive a link to our self-service portal, where you can perform an automated system test.

Should you have difficulties successfully completing the test, please contact us. We will be happy to offer an appointment for a manual check with you.

What can I do if there are technical problems and my exam cannot be started?

You can try a number of actions that might resolve technical difficulties at the beginning of your exam:

  • Ensure your network is not restricting web traffic. Deactivate any VPN connections. Also try switching to a different network if possible, for example using a mobile hotspot. If you are using a work computer, try a personal device

  • Ensure there are no browser extensions (e.g. translators or ad-blockers) active. Switch to a different web browser, or try a private browsing window.

What happens if my exam cannot be started on time due to technical difficulties?

Do not worry, you will not miss your exam. First we will work together with you to identify the cause of the problem and find a solution.

If we cannot resolve the problem immediately, you might need to switch to a different network or device. We understand that may not be possible straight away.

If necessary, you can postpone your certification to a later time at your convenience, and at no additional cost.

After the exam

I passed the exam, what happens next?

Congratulations! You will receive your official exam result by email.

You will also receive a digital certificate and online verification of certification on the same day.

A printed certificate is also included in the certification fee and will be sent by post after the exam.

I did not pass the exam, can I repeat it?

Yes, subject to the exam regulations. Some examinations restrict the number of times you can repeat without a waiting period.

I have received my invoice and the company name, VAT ID or something else is missing or incorrect. Can you correct it?

Yes, we would be happy to issue a corrected invoice. Contact us at

How can I share my certification on LinkedIn?

If you have recently attained certification, our results email contains a button to add your certificate to LinkedIn. This takes you to a pre-filled form which already includes all the details of your certificate.

Alternatively you can add certificates manually. LinkedIn has a page with instructions to share your professional certifications to your profile.

The full name of the certification is displayed in full on your certificate and in your results email.

Certible is the issuing organisation.

The Issue Date is printed on your certificate and is the day you were awarded certification - usually the day you passed the exam.

Your credential URL is embedded in the QR code printed on your certificate. The credential ID is the 32 digit code contained in the verification link, also printed next to the QR code.

Once you have entered all the information, save your update.

Privacy & Data Protection

Is Certible GDPR compliant?

Yes, Certible has been externally audited as GDPR compliant.

Privacy is of enormous importance at Certible, which is why we go far beyond our legal responsibility to protect your privacy.

We only collect the data absolutely necessary for the certification process, and use these data solely for the absolutely necessary purposes. Your contact details will never be passed to third parties or used for marketing purposes.

What company provides Certible’s exam service for online-proctored or in-person exams? Who are the invigilators?

We perform all our examinations ourselves, exclusively utilising our own exam software and invigilators based in the EU. We do so to ensure the highest possible levels of quality as well as data protection. This applies both for online and in-person exams.

Will you share my certification result with my employer, training provider or anyone else?

No, without your permission your exam result will not be shared with anybody in a way that can identify you.

If your exam was booked via a training provider, they will be informed of your exam result in anonymous form.

Why does Certible’s website not request my consent to store cookies?

Out of respect for your privacy, our website does not store or use any cookies for tracking, optimisation or marketing purposes.

Certible also makes no use of candidate data for marketing purposes.

Invoices & B2B

Can you provide a quote? A company invoice?

Yes. If you require an invoice for a single exam, simply enter the company details when registering.

For groups, we suggest ordering vouchers.

I have received my invoice and the company name, VAT ID or something else is missing or incorrect. Can you correct it?

Yes, no problem.

Please contact us with your request at