Digital Design Professional (DDP)® – Foundation Level

The Digital Design Professional (DDP)® – Foundation Level certificate deomstrates theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the field of Digital Design.

Certification fee Certification fee

The Digital Design Professional Foundation Level certification is addressed to professionals from Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis, UX, project management, etc. who work in areas where digital products, systems and services are designed and improved.

With DDPs in their Teams…

  • companies make a clear statement about the high value that they put on digitalization

  • departments will be enabled to work together on a higher qualitative level

  • companies increase the probability that truly innovative digital solutions will be developed

  • companies highlight their expertise for innovative digital solutions

Syllabus & Exam Preparation

While not compulsory, it is highly recommended to attend a training course offered by a registered training provider. The full and up-to-date listof training providers is available on the DDP website.

Whether or not you are interested in attending a course, there is a number of official documents to aid in your preparation for the certification:

  • The syllabus (available on the DDP website) will provide an overview of the topics covered in the exam.

  • The DDP glossary provides an overview of terms used throughout the syllabus, handbook and examination.

  • The DDP handbook provides greater detail on the topics covered in the exam and is closely aligned with the syllabus and glossary.

The latest version of all official documents, also including the examination regulations and practice examination with answers, can be downloaded directly on the DDP website.



Exam Format


Certificate Validity

The Digital Design Professional Foundation Level certificate has lifelong validity.