ISTQB Successful Candidate Register

Holders of ISTQB certificates can opt to be included in the Successful Candidate Register.

What is the ISTQB Successful Candidate Register?

The SCR is a service provided by the ISTQB – the exam board and owner of the Certified Tester scheme. The SCR has been available since 2017 and offers certificate holders the opportunity to be displayed online, regardless of which country or certification body their certification originates from.

You can find more information on the Successful Candidate Register on the ISTQB website.

The ISTQB also answers a number of Frequently Asked Questions about the Successful Candidate Register.

How can I choose to be listed in the register?

Entries in the SCR are submitted by your certification body – the institute, such as Certible, with which you took your exam. Certible does not charge a fee for entry to the SCR.

If you have not yet taken your exam, you can opt in to be included in the SCR with your exam registration.

If you are already the holder of an ISTQB certificate issued by Certible, you can email us at to request inclusion or withdrawal from the register.

Why would I want to be included in the Successful Candidate Register?

It is up to you as the holder of an ISTQB certificate to decide whether you wish to be included in the SCR. Advantages of being listed include that the entry can be shared as official and internationally recognisable and comparable evidence of your certification. This could be useful for job applications or to share in social media.

What infornmation about me does the ISTQB receive? What is visible in the Successful Candidate Register?

Of your personal data, only your first and last name would be submitted to the ISTQB, as well as the following attributes of the certification data:

  • Certification Body (Certible)
  • Country of Issue (Austria)
  • Certification Date
  • Certification Number (not fully displayed for security reasons)
  • Certification Level

Can I choose to have my entry removed from the SCR?

Yes, a removal from the SCR is possible at any time. If you wish to be removed from the Successful Candidate Regsiter, simply email us at