IREB CPRE-EL (Expert Level)

CPRE Expert Level – High Level Excellence in Requirements Engineering Knowledge and Experience

The expertise on this highest level of the CPRE program results from continous involvement and activity in the field. These indiviudal yet profound forms of expertise can neither be subsumed into a syllabus nor transferred by trainings. The CPRE Expert Level therefore has no syllabus or training courses. Candidates, however, need to fulfill the following prerequisites before applying for the exam.

  1. Hold at least three CPRE Advanced Level certificates.
    Up to two can be substituted by other forms clearly related to RE such as university lectures, certain certificates linked to other education schemes (e.g. CBAP, BCS Diploma in Business Analysis, etc.), or substantial publications.
  2. Be active as a Requirements Engineer in various roles and projects amounting to at least three years of full-time equivalent.
  3. Be active as a trainer or coach in Requirements Engineering.
Exam registration:

Candidates interested in taking the CPRE Expert Level exam, please contact us at to hand in your application and proof of prerequisites (as one single .pdf file), or any related questions. We are happy to assist you from a smooth start to a successful finish.

The exam procedure consists of three parts: written application, written assignment, and oral exam. For further details about the exam regulations, please take a look at our dedicated section for exam procedures.

Please note: the default language for the exam is English. Applicants may ask for other languages for the written assignment and/or oral exam, on which decisions are made exclusively by the IREB. The written application, however, must be provided to us in English.