iSAQB CPSA-F (Foundation Level)

Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level (CPSA®-F) is the first level of the iSAQB® CPSA® program.

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The iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture programme (CPSA®) provides software architects with a standardised scheme for initial and further training that is globally recognised. The curriculum of the Foundation Level includes general terms of Software Architecture. Therein, also the role of the software architect is emphasized, and state-of-the-art methods are utilized to create software architectures.

Candidates participating in a licensed ‘CPSA® Foundation Level’ training course learn about:

  • the concept and significance of software architecture,

  • tasks and responsibilities of software architects

  • the role of software architects within projects,

  • state-of-the-art methods and techniques for developing software architectures.

The focus is on the acquisition of the following skills:

  • consulting representatives from requirements management, project management, testing and development involved in a shared project in order to make essential decisions on software architecture together,

  • documenting and communicating software architectures on the basis of views, architecture patterns and technical concepts,

  • understanding the main steps necessary for developing software architectures as well as implementing these independently in small and medium-sized systems

As a neutral association, the iSAQB® does not offer training or certification, instead defining the criteria to be met by each party and authorising training providers and certification bodies.

The Curriculum and examination requirements are listed on the iSAQB® Website. Please make sure to use the lastest version of the documents for the exam preparation.

To prepare for your iSAQB CPSA® exam you have a choice of Training Providers as well as a body of official Self-Study literature to use individually or in addition to a training.
To take CPSA Foundation Level certification simply visit ourRegistration.

CPSA-F (Foundation Level)

The regulations for the CPSA-F exam define the process and assignment of points for evaluation. The  CPSA-F examination consists of a multiple-choice test with approximately 60 questions (depending on which randomized questions are drawn). You have 75 minutes to answer the questions and are awarded points for every correct answer. In order to pass the exam you have to score at least 60 percent of the examination’s maximum possible points. During the exam the use of aids is not allowed.

Self-Study: Preparing for the CPSA Foundation Level exam

Cover of Software Architecture Foundation by Gernot Starke and Alexander Lorz

The most import step of your preparation for CPSA®-F certification is taking a close look at the documents section of the iSAQB®. There you will find the latest version of the CPSA®-F curriculum, exam regulations and a mock exam, as well as a comprehensive glossary of software architecture terminology. The curriculum provides clearly defined goals and specific vocabulary for each of its sections, which helps make your preparatory work more efficient. Within the exam regulations you will also find example questions that give you a glimpse into the actual test scenario.

For candidates looking for a more in-depth preparation we can also recommend Software Architecture Foundation, by Gernot Starke and Alexander Lorz, which complies with the CPSA®-F curriculum and covers it accordingly, as well as Software Architecture Fundamentals by Mahbouba Gharbi, Arne Koschel, and Andreas Rausch.