Certified Professional for Medical Software (CPMS)

The ICPMSB e.V. program “Certified Professional for Medical Software” (CPMS) establishes a standard of competencies in and around the field of medical software.

The initiative “Certified Professional for Medical Software” (CPMS) aims at the following goals:

  • To establish a focussed education for professionals in and around the field of medical software

  • To achieve a common educational background for the target groups

  • To promote and raise awareness for the occupational profile of medical software development

Achieving these goals entails the following benefits:

  • Creating a common terminology, understanding, and interpretation that simplifies communication between stakeholders

  • The structure, standardization, and documentation of the program means it is comparable, can be outsourced, and helps to document one’s own competencies

  • Being close to practice means it helps to avoid overhead costs while developing safe and innovative medicine products

  • Raising awareness for qualitative software that considers legal requirements of implementing software in clinical use.

The ICPMSB provides the latest version of the complete CPMS curriculum for the Foundation and Advanced Level free to download here. For a brief overview, take a look at our section for the CPMS Foundation Level.