ICPMSB – International Certified Professional for Medical Software Board

Certible® is accredited by the ICPMSB as Certification Body  for the scheme Certified Professional for Medical Software (CPMS).

The International CPMS Board e.V. (ICPMSB) is an international consortium of experts in the field of medical software. It was founded as an education initiative for developers of medical software. The ICPMSB is thus leading the development and advancement of the “Certified Professional for Medical Software” (CPMS) and its implementation.

The goal of the CPMS program is the education and further education of persons in charge of the development and quality management of software in medical products. The CPMS program is an international standard for the qualification of medical software developers.

It defines and consists of consecutive training levels, each with an individual curriculum and final exam. The ICPMSB provides the latest version of the complete CPMS curriculum for the Foundation and Advanced Level free to download here. For more information take a look at our section for the CPMS Foundation Level.