ICPMSB CPMS-FL (Foundation Level)

The Certified Professional for Medical Software (CPMS) program lays the foundation for medical software development.

The CPMS Foundation Level comprises six consecutive modules about the topics:

  1. Regulatory basics

  2. Risk management

  3. Software engineering

  4. Usability

  5. Quality and document management

  6. Medical informatics

Each module’s subunits have specific educational objectives. These are assigned to cognitive levels of remembering, understanding, and applying in practice. The detailed and complete CPMS curriculum is also available here free to download.



Exam Type

The exam is a multiple-choice test

The ‘Certified Professional for Medical Software’ exam comprises the complete CPMS curriculum and is regulated by the ICPMSB.

  • The CPMS exam covers all six chapters of the curriculum and consists of 32 questions, which are defined by the ICPMSB regarding their form, number, and difficulty per chapter.

  • You have a timeframe of 60 minutes to take the exam. To pass the exam, at least 60 percent of the answers have to be correct.

If you wish to take insight into your exam after receiving the results, we are happy to arrange this with you. However, in case of the CPMS exam, a timeframe of 30 days after having received the results (by email) applies and has to be considered.