UXQB Advanced Level CPUX-UT

The UXQB advanced level certificate „Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Usability Testing and Evaluation“ (CPUX-UT) attests the holder in-depth and practical knowledge.

Logo of the UXQB - International Usability and UX Qualification BoardWithin the following main areas:

  • Terms and concepts in testing and evaluating user interfaces
  • Planning, conducting, and documenting usability tests, expert reviews, and user surveys (quantitative and qualitative)

According to the advanced level, successful completion of the CPUX-F certification exam is required. In contrast to the foundation level exam, advanced level exams consist of a theoretical and a practical part, in which acquired knowledge is applied and demonstrated in a practice based use case.

The theory part of the exam consists of an open-ended set of questions, with available time of 90 minutes.

The practice part of the CPUX-UT certification exam requires conducting usability tests of three websites, with self-acquired participants. These usability tests shall be conducted within one week, as far as possible. To submit for evaluation are the test reports and the raw video data.

As preparation for the exam, recognised training providers offer specialised advanced level trainings. While such trainings are not mandatory, they are helpful. Particularly with regard to the practical test of the CPUX-UT exam, it might prove beneficial to clarify with training providers if facilities may be used, as usability-labs could exist and be used after the theoretical test.

The curriculum of the CPUX-UT certificate is provided by the UXQB and can be found here . Another means of preparation is a publicly accessible usability test report , as well as further documents related to the CPUX-UT certification exam.

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