UXQB CPUX-F (Foundation Level)

The CPUX Foundation Level certification (CPUX-F) attests that the holder has internationally approved and relevant knowledge in the field of Usability and User Experience (UX).

This covers the following main areas:

  • Fundamental usability principles and guidelines
  • Specifying use contexts and user requirements
  • Interaction specification
  • Usability testing
  • User surveys and inspections
  • Process configuration and methods application

The contents of the curriculum address both working professionals wishing to update existing knowledge to international standards, and stakeholders who want to ensure cooperation with usability and user experience experts by sharing the same knowledge about basic terms and concepts. Thus, the certification enables professionals and stakeholders to affirm the question:

„Do You Speak Usability?“

No formal requirements are necessary to take the certification exam. The CPUX-F exam consists of a multiple-choice test with a duration of 75 minutes, or alternatively 90 minutes for candidates whose native language differs from the exam language.

A preparatory training at recognised training providers is helpful but not mandatory. Contents of the curriculum and glossary of the CPUX-F certificate are provided by the UXQB and can be found here . Another means of preparation are the public test questions (for training purposes), which replicate an exam realistically.