Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience (CPUX)

The multi-level UXQB® certification program CPUX (Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience) underlines and advances your competencies in the field of Usability and UX by internationally approved standards.

The „International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board“ (UXQB) developed and maintains a worldwide certification program for Usability and User Experience professionals. Active participation of international experts contributes to its quality and further advancement.

This participatory and qualitative approach is reflected in the open-access to its complete curriculum.

More details on each certification and each individual curriculum can be found on our web pages for each site:


Foundation Level

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Essentials in UX and HCD Management

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Advanced Level

The CPUX Foundation Level certificate is a prerequisite for participation in all CPUX Advanced Levels.


Designing Solutions

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Usability Testing

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User Requirements Engineering

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