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IREB CPRE Advanced Level (CPRE-AL)

CPRE Advanced Level – Extensive In-Depth Requirements Engineering Know-How

The Advanced Level consists of modules, with each single one focussing on a specific aspect, technique, task, domain or process.

The following CPRE Advanced Level Syllabi are released and form the basis of the certification exams:

A person with a CPRE AL certificate

  • Is familiar with the terminology of the specific aspect of the AL-certificate.

  • Understands the basic techniques and methods of requirements engineering and their application to the specific aspects of the AL-certificate.

  • Has extensive background knowledge to the specific aspect of the AL-certificate and has applied the knowledge to a real-world project, which is part of the demanding practical exam.


The prerequisite for admittance to a CPRE Advanced Level module exam is a CPRE Foundation Level certificate or a certificate in Requirements Engineering from BCS.

Does the certificate have limited validity?

No, the CPRE certificate has lifetime validity.

Exam Format

Procedure of the CPRE Advanced Level Exam

The exam regulations for CPRE AL define the two parts of the exam:

  1. a multiple choice test, which has to be passed before the second part of the exam

  2. a practical work as a requirements engineer and a paper describing the practical work

Download exam regulations CPRE AL

Self-Study: Preparing for your IREB CPRE Advanced Level Exam

For the Advanced Level exam preparation the corresponding syllabus is an important guide and starting point. Depending on your area of specialisation in RE, each Advanced Level has its own syllabus, which can be found here.

Further helpful artefacts provided by the IREB are the handbooks for the CPRE Advanced Levels. These are valuable resources for trainers, trainees, and practitioners alike, who are interested in getting a detailed insight to the specific Advanced Level. Although each handbook offers substantive information, it is not a replacement for a dedicated training course.

The IREB CPRE Glossary (applicable to all levels) provides an overview of terms used throughout the syllabus, examination and literature.

Cover of Systematisches Requirements Engineering by Christof Ebert

Finally, the IREB kindly provides a practice exam for each Advanced Level in the same form, structure, and style of the actual examination, including solutions and correction aids to further advance your preparation. Please choose according to your specialisation in RE:

German speaking candidates preparing for a CPRE Advanced Level certification exam might also want to read Systematisches Requirements Engineering: Anforderungen ermitteln, dokumentieren, analysieren und verwalten by Christof Ebert.