IREB CPRE-AL (Advanced Level)

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CPRE Advanced Level – Extensive In-Depth Requirements Engineering Know-How

The Advanced Level consists of modules, with each single one focussing on a specific aspect, technique, task, domain or process.

The following CPRE Advanced Level Syllabi are released and form the basis of the certification exams:

A person with a CPRE AL certificate

  • Is familiar with the terminology of the specific aspect of the AL-certificate.
  • Understands the basic techniques and methods of requirements engineering and their application to the specific aspects of the AL-certificate.
  • Has extensive background knowledge to the specific aspect of the AL-certificate and has applied the knowledge to a real-world project, which is part of the demanding practical exam.


The prerequisite for admittance to a CPRE Advanced Level module exam is a CPRE Foundation Level certificate or a certificate in Requirements Engineering from BCS.

Does the certificate have limited validity?

No, the CPRE certificate has lifetime validity.

Preparing for CPRE Advanced Level Certification

To prepare for your IREB CPRE exam you have a choice of Training Providers as well as a body of official Self-Study literature to use individually or in addition to a training.

Exam Format

The Advanced-Level certification consists of two parts:

  1. Theoretical (Multiple-Choice) Exam
  2. Written Assignmemt

Examination Fee

Available here: Examination Fees


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Find upcoming exam dates and locations and more information on the IREB CPRE scheme: Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering like prerequisites, regulations and study literature recommendations here.