Certified Scrum Practitioner

The Certified Scrum Practitioner program covers practice-based Scrum knowledge on multiple levels.

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Curriculum of Scrum Practitioner

To act within a Scrum team requires fundamental knowledge for different roles in it, whether internal or external persons. The Certified Scrum Practitioner program by the itedas ensures a level playing field yet addresses each role with specific and relevant terms and concepts. The final certification exam is then not only about remembering these, but also fully understanding them.

The Certified Scrum Practitioner program provides the foundation for understanding the core elements of Scrum. Each of the levels corresponds with the roles of  a Scrum team:

  • Scrum Master – the solid foundation of Scrum knowledge

  • Product Owner – knowledge to fulfill the role as product owner in Scrum projects

  • Scrum Coach – knowing when and how Scrum can be successfully implemented





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