Launch of New CPSA‑F® Curriculum Version 2023.1

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The iSAQB has published the new CPSA‑F® curriculum version 2023.1, replacing the previous version as of April 1, 2023. The updated curriculum is currently available in English and German, with Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French versions to follow.

All iSAQB Accredited Training Providers and Trainers received the new syllabus version in advance to adapt their Foundation Level training materials. The corresponding CPSA‑F examination was updated and implemented by the recognized certification bodies on April 1.

The iSAQB has resolved over 85 issues, comments, and problems in the English and German versions, as posted in the public repository of the iSAQB. Notably, none of the new syllabus content has R1 examination relevance. Key updates in version 2023.1 include:

  1. The iSAQB’s glossary has moved to the iSAQB Download site.

  2. Some learning goals (LGs) or learning goal items (LGIs) have been demoted from R1 to R2 or R2 to R3.

  3. Modernized LGs such as Energy Efficiency and Cloud Native have been added, along with a new LG on Principles of Software Deployment.

  4. Some LGs have been merged and renamed.

  5. Wording changes to LGs 4–3 and 4–4, typo fixes, and inconsistencies between the English and German versions have been resolved.

  6. LanguageTool was used to improve wording and style.

  7. Literature and bibliographic references have been updated, and a few have been added. Insecure HTTP links were changed to HTTPS.

The new curriculum version 2023.1 is available here. Software professionals seeking certification are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new content.

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