Digital Badges by Certible now available for CPSA Foundation Level Certificate Holders

Certible’s own digital badge system offers enhanced privacy, data protection, and no reliance on third-parties.

Certible is excited to announce the availability of Digital Badges for CPSA Foundation Level certificate holders. By developing its own digital badge system based on the Open Badges 2.0 standard, Certible ensures enhanced privacy and data protection by eliminating the need to rely on third-party badge providers, while still maintaining full compatibility with existing badging systems.

Digital badges are visual representations of an individual's achievements, skills, or qualifications, which can be easily shared online. They contain metadata that provides verifiable information about the issuer, the recipient, and the specific criteria for earning the badge. Digital badges make it easier for certificate holders to showcase their accomplishments on professional networks, websites, or digital portfolios.

A significant advantage of Certible's digital badge system is that no compromise on privacy is necessary. By not involving any third-party badge providers, candidate data remains within Certible's secure infrastructure, ensuring that sensitive information is not shared with external parties and our strict data protection policies are adhered to.

Recent CPSA Foundation Level candidates have already been invited to accept their digital badges. Additionally, any holders of an older CPSA Foundation Level certificate issued by Certible can contact us to request their digital badge free of charge.

As a certification provider, Certible is committed to promoting transparency and trust in the professional community. The implementation of its own digital badge system not only streamlines the process of sharing achievements but also ensures that certificate holders can manage their credentials with confidence.

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